Dress up your iPhone for the holidays!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





I have created two seasonal iPhone wallpaper images for visitors to download for free. In addition, if you are not familiar with the steps for changing your wallpaper (both lock screen and home screen), I have step-by-step directions.


The first step is to copy and paste the images at right (above if viewing on iPhone).


If you’re on a desktop computer, do the following: Apple: press control >click and select copy image. PC: right click and select download or copy image.


With the image saved to your download folder, you’ll need to email to your iPhone.


If you’re reading this on your iPhone, simply tap the image and press the small box at center bottom of your screen. That leads to another screen with “Save Image” box at bottom left of your screen. (If you’re reading this on Facebook, you’ll need to tap the small box at bottom and hit “Open in Safari.” Then follow the step above.) That’s it. You’ve saved it to your iPhone.



Now, go to your Settings and scroll down to “Wallpapers & Brightness.” See image at right (above on iPhone). Tap it and you’ll see “Choose Wallpaper.”


Here you’ll see the lock screen image and home screen images. You can save your new image to either the lock screen or home screen image.


For example, tap lock screen image. It takes you to your photos. Touch “Camera Roll” and then select the downloaded image.


settings3photoThe new image appears on your screen. Select “Set” and choose either “Set Lock Screen,” “Set Home Screen” or “Set Both.” That’s it. Your new iPhone seasonal wallpaper image is now visible.


In case you are interested, the Merry Christmas wallpaper is a photo of my neighbor’s outdoor tree decorated with lights. I used a tripod to steady the camera while using a 70-200 zoom lens at a shutter speed of around one second and aperature setting of f13. With the shutter depressed, I turned the lens barrel to create the light effect.


In the New Year photo, I used a 60mm macro lens to capture ice crystals built up on a window in my house. The lens was about two inches from the ice.

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