Bugs up close

When I purchased my Nikon 60mm f2.8 AF macro focus lens last year, I did so for one reason: to take photos of miniature creatures that exist in my back yard. Since that time I’ve had a field day traipsing through the flower gardens and shrubs around my yard looking for assorted insects. It’s given me an appreciation for the world beyond my doorstep.

My Nikon 60mm f2.8 macro lens. Love it.

Most of the photos I’ve taken of insects were shot strictly with available lighting. On occasion I will grab one of my SB-800 Speedlights and use it to highlight the background or a spider’s web. The 60mm prime lens also serves as a decent portrait lens. What I love about this lens is its sharpness. When I’m on with the focus (not the easiest thing when focusing in about five inches from a subject), it’s incredible how the details of little bugs pop.

For anyone who has considered close-up photography — whether it be insects, objects such as coins, or flowers — I would highly recommend Nikon’s line of macro lenses. Some day I hope to purchase Nikon’s 105mm macro lens, but for now, the shorter 60mm is working just fine.

Recommendation: If you are serious about purchasing a macro lens but are worried about the cost, I would  suggest visiting Adorama’s refurbished lens selection. All lenses are refurbished by the manufacturer (unless specified otherwise) to the original company’s specifications.

According to Adorama, all refurbished cameras and lenses “are checked over by the manufacturer by hand, inspected very thoroughly, diagnosed, and calibrated by experienced technicians, and could therefore turn out to be more dependable than a new item.” In addition, all  refurbs sold by Adorama come with a 90-day return-to-manufacturer warranty. (Canon gear comes with a one-year return-to-Adorama warranty.)

However, refurbs are not always in stock due to availability, so patience is a key when purchasing a refurbished lens.

Below is a slide show of macro images taken in the last year. Enjoy.

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  • Glad to see you enjoying your refurbished lens from Adorama, Sam – Great pictures of bugs!

    BTW if you ever need advice or after-sales support with any order from Adorama, I’m only ever an email away: Helen@adorama.com

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

    • Helen is the queen of customer service. Thanks, Helen.
      BTW: Someone asked why the orange rubber wristband around the lens focus ring? Out of habit I use them on my lenses because the rubber focus rings on older lenses have come loose. Since I’m a Catholic press photographer, I use the wrist bands given from friends in Utah — of all places: “Catholics Totally Rock.”

  • Samantha(well u know me daddy!!)

    I love ur photos daddy!!